All Voices

In representing District 89 at the state level, advocating for the Norfolk community’s best interest needs to be paired with the needs of our neighbors around the state. As we all know, dirty water flows downstream. The actions, practices, and unenforced actions taken all around the state will inevitably affect us in Norfolk. Rampant pollution from industrial farming in neighboring districts not only pollutes our air and water, but contributes to climate change that worsens our flooding. Lack of protections and protocols for workers in mines and on farms means less protections for our working class in District 89. Hannah will be taking a state-wide approach to healing the problems we face here. Politics has to shift from “me” to “us”. All voices must be heard for our state, and our city, to rise to its highest potential.


  • Protection for farm workers from hazardous work conditions
  • Funding for protections from environmental concerns related to industrial farms
  • Support Farm System Reform Act at the state level
  • Create independent farmer co-ops statewide
  • Provide all workers bargaining power and a voice
  • Higher wages and increased support for all workers, especially our essential workers

Current Legislative Stances

  • Support HB 1755: Repeals Right to Work, which prohibits any agreement or combination between an employer and a labor union or labor organization where:
    • nonmembers of the union or organization are denied the right to work for the employer
    • membership in the union or organization is made a condition of employment or continuation of employment by such employer
    • the union or organization acquires an employment monopoly in any such enterprise.
    • Sign the petition here
  • Oppose SB 510: Defines milk as the lacteal secretion of a healthy hooved mammal and provides that a food product is unlawfully misbranded if its label states that it is milk and it fails to meet such definition, except for human breast milk, thus excluding healthy, cultural plant-based milks from being labeled as such
  • Support HB 1480: Authorizes a locality to regulate or restrict by ordinance the acquisition, marketing, and sale of animals in a pet shop
  • SupportĀ  SB 1358: Establishes standards designed to protect employees from heat illness
  • Support SB 80: Declares that, except in certain limited circumstances, a student journalist at a public middle school or high school or public institution of higher education has the right to exercise freedom of speech and the press in school-sponsored media, including determining the news, opinion, feature, and advertising content of school-sponsored media