Hannah Kinder is announcing her run for Virginia House of Delegates, District 89 . She is a qualified candidate, holding a B.S in Environmental Biology & Ecology, serving on the Norfolk Environmental Commission, Community Outreach Chair for the Woman’s Club of Norfolk, and working professionally in the non-profit sector. Hannah comes with experience reviewing and signing on to state, federal, and international policy requests throughout her career. Professionally, her policy focus has been on ensuring healthy and fresh food being available to students, protecting the safety of people working in industrial farming operations, and advocating for environmental protections and climate action plans to be put in place. She spent the 2019-2020 school year teaching for Norfolk Public Schools, during which time she experienced a student’s firearm discharging in her classroom. This traumatic event, in addition to her understanding of climate threats to our region and her belief that real people have the ability to make meaningful change through political action, has driven Hannah to run for the Delegate seat up for election in 2021. She is running as a progressive Democratic candidate.

‘”Our city is diverse, exciting, and beautiful. Our city is also full of people struggling economically, having their basic needs go unmet, and are facing a climate-induced flooding crisis,” says Kinder. “Our community needs elected leaders who understand how it feels to be working class, someone who has felt the stress of making under $20,000 a year, and is willing to refuse donations from major corporate and utilities companies. I want to be that person for my community. I have fought for equity, access, and dignity all my life and it would be the honor of a lifetime to serve Norfolk, and all of Virginia, in this way.”

Hannah is compassionate, driven, and inquisitive by nature. She finds great pleasure and fulfillment in helping others, having worked exclusively in non-profits since she was a teenager and spending her free-time doing community service, attending protests, serving on community boards, and organizing outreach events. She has experienced the diverse community of Norfolk and understands that with diverse, unique communities come specific, unique needs, including housing justice, flooding mitigation, climate change action, and gun sense laws passed at the state level. 

More information on the candidate can be obtained at kinderfornorfolk.com.


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