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Climate Change & Norfolk

Flooding is not new to anyone who has lived in Norfolk for any amount of time and it is undeniable that it is getting progressively worse. This threatens our economy, our infrastructure, and individuals’ livelihoods. Hannah sees flooding mitigation and economic assistance to households being affected by flood waters as an immediate need; however, it is arguably more important to tackle climate change from its source(s). It will take local and statewide collaboration to begin this work and have it successfully serve every Virginian.


  • Virginia Green New Deal; full transition to renewables by 2036
    • Have 40% of new jobs created under the VA GND are directed to Black & Brown communities most affected by climate change
  • Support Community Flood Preparedness Fund
  • Support Storm Water Local Assistance Fund (SLAF)
  • Incentivize localities¬† to reduce carbon footprint and improve energy efficiency
  • Support litter tax
  • Carbon tax or labeling on products with high emissions
  • Tax fossil fuels companies & end subsidies (i.e. oil, natural gas, coal, factory/industrial farms)
  • Funding for programs to teach skills in wind & solar (especially in rural & coal-reliant communities)
  • State grants for commercial & residential solar panel transition

Support the VA Green New Deal

We need a transformative energy plan today. Click here for ways to support The Green New Deal VA to bring a Transformative Energy Plan that is equitable and accessible for all.