Campaign finance is important to me, and Norfolk residents, for so many reasons. When candidates take money from corporations, utilities, and large donors, they are indebted to them when it comes time to vote. They will always have the donors’ interests at the forefront. What does this mean for their constituents? It means they are more likely to vote without the constituents’ best interest in mind. We have seen it play out on the federal stage for some time, on both sides of the aisle. Trump’s tax plan gave major tax cuts to the rich, leaving behind the working class. Joe Manchin is now fighting against raising the minimum wage to $15/hour (which would raise 30% of Black Americans out of poverty and cut child poverty by 50%) to appease his wealthy donors. We see this play out year after year—-and the result? People feel ignored and left behind by their elected officials and the government at large. These games being played in campaign finance are what lead to large divides and distrust in the government that we see today. And, ultimately, it drives the working class deeper into poverty and takes away access to resources. People over profit, always. ✊?✊?✊?✊?✊?

This is why I have pledged, and always will, to never take money from corporations or private interests. Taking money from power, oil, and coal companies means I wouldn’t be voting in the best interest of my neighbors who face flooding nearly daily, an effect of climate-change that will only worsen with time. Taking money from pharma means I would be kept from voting to make drug prices affordable for people who desperately need affordable life-saving medication. I do not wish to be indebted to anyone or anything but the interests of my neighbors. Please share this graphic to help spread the message and vision of our campaign.

We are a campaign of, by, and for the people. If you are able, please donate any amount to help us win the Delegate seat in VA HD-89.

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Hannah Kinder Has Not Taken Money From Dominion

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